Rain is good for romance. Walk through any city on a rainy day and you’re bound to see this: couples close and happy under a shared umbrella, one’s hand wrapped around the other’s on the handle. Or getting gloriously drenched together, usually grinning and soaking wet, the hell with an umbrella. Or head to head at small tables, sharing breakfast under dripping outdoor cafe awnings. Pretending they stopped here to keep out of the rain, but really using the excuse to sit close together and touch a lot. Others enter a store laughing, laughing at their wetness, delighted about everything. They don’t want to buy anything; they’re just using this dry place as an intermission. Or that happy older couple you see across the restaurant helping each other dry off. They’re chatting animatedly for the first time in days, comparing notes about walking hand in hand through the storm to get here. They’re both famished now. Something about walking in the rain. They’ll eat like champions. Days like these stay with you. A long time later you’ll ask— remember the crazy time we got caught in that storm? And her eyes will light up. Of course she remembers. Guaranteed. Rain is good for romance.
Jonathan Carroll (via sav3mys0ul)


pretending to study in front of ur parents like 


You are the sun that keeps me warm. You are the blue that is my sky. You are the rain to quench my thirst. You are the circle of my life.
william chapman (via williamchapmanwritings)